The project "Transnational Cooperation Network for Rural Tourism" is a testing initiative carried out in the frame of the EU Programme LEADER II and aims to unite the rural tourism offer of three Mediterranean areas:

* The area of Sierra de Segura - Andalusia (Spain);
* The area of Vibo Valentia - Calabria (Italy);
* The area of Central Creete (Greece).

Through this project the groups are trying to establish a model of services marked by homogeneous quality standards and characterized by common elements such as:

* The value of the landscape resourses;
* The proverbial hospitality and capability of a warm welcome;
* The quality and variety of the gastronomy of the local typical products;
* The richness of the cultural and historical heritage.

The transnational cooperation project has the main objective to increase the tourist flow in Monte Poro, Serre Vibonesi, Sierra de Segura, and Central Creete areas, through new entrepreneurial initiatives and the qualitative development of some existing activities related to the rural tourism.
The above effort is complemented by other actions for the protection of the environment, the promotionof the local tradition and culture.


in Andalusia, Calabria and Crete

In view of the fact that Andalusia, Calabria and Crete offer a variety of landscape like mountains, gorges, valleys, lakes rivers and forests, it is very likely that visitors will have ample opportunities to practice their favourite outdoor activities. These activities include trekking, mountain biking, horse riding, paragliding, sea or lake kayaking, caving and cultural visits.
A large number of museums and exhibition halls hosting the local historical and cultural heritage are dispersed in all major towns and villages of Andalusia, Calabria and Crete, these museums are the initiative of communities and individuals and have been set up in an effort to preserve and promote their rich and cultural heritage. The people in these regions are famous for their hospitality which involves a warm welcome, care for and services to guests. This ambience prevails in all rural lodgings of Andalusia, Calabria and Crete family businesses flourishing in the hinterland and mountainous areas. This is where tradition is most prevalent.